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Board Of Directors:
President: Steve Jaillet
Vice-President: Ingrid Bower
Treasurer: Lara Renner
Secretary: Patty Richards
Member-At-Large: Jaye Foucher, Paul Therrieault, Caitlin Kelley

NCM By-laws
(Original July 23, 2006) Amended October 23, 2010

The name of the club shall be North Country Mushers.

The Officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. All officers shall be elected (majority vote) by the membership present at the Annual Meeting and serve two year terms. President and Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years. Vice President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd numbered years.

The President shall preside at all meetings, preserve order and promote the purpose of the club.

The Vice-President shall fill the role of President in the absence of the President and serve as Special Event Liaison/Coordinator.

The Secretary shall provide a record of the business and affairs of the club and shall be responsible for the preservation of those records.

The Treasurer shall record all debts and assets of the club. A true and accurate record of all monies and any property shall be maintained.

Board of Directors:
The five person Board of Directors shall consist of the four Officers and one Member-at-Large who shall be appointed by the Officers subsequent to their election at the Annual Meeting. The Member-at-Large shall serve a one-year term but may be re-appointed by the Officers.

The Board shall be entrusted with the club's affairs.

The Board shall be responsible to the Purpose of the club and to the membership.

All decisions regarding club affairs shall be decided by a majority vote of at least a quorum of the Board.

A quorum shall consist of three members of the Board.


Annual Meeting:
A general meeting of members shall be held during the months of September or October each year at a time and place to be decided upon by the Board. Newly elected officers will transition chairs on the First of November. The business of the club shall be reported. Elections for officers shall be held. Business shall be conducted as deemed necessary by the Board and membership.
Special Club Meetings:
Special meetings may be called by the Board or a majority vote of the membership as required or desired.
Board Meetings:
Meetings of the Board shall be held at a frequency, location, and time as selected by the Board. Meetings shall be held often enough to ensure the promotion of the club's Purpose.

Amendment of Bylaws:
Bylaw review shall occur at the Annual Meeting. Amendments shall require a minimum two-thirds vote of the assembled membership.

Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting -
Board Meeting - November 15, 2022 (PDF)
Annual Meeting - October 29, 2022 (PDF)
Board Meeting - September 17, 2017 (PDF)
Annual Meeting - November 19, 2016 (PDF)
Board Meeting - September 10, 2016 (PDF)
Board Meeting - June 11, 2016 (PDF)
Annual Meeting - October 31, 2015 (PDF)
Board Meeting - June 7, 2015 (PDF)
Board Meeting - April 10, 2015 (PDF)
Annual Meeting - November 1, 2014
Board Meeting - August 17, 2014
Annual Meeting - July 26, 2014
Annual Meeting - November 1, 2013
Annual Meeting - November 11, 2012
Annual Meeting - November 6, 2011
Annual Meeting - October 23, 2010
Board Meeting - September 20, 2006
Board Meeting - July 23, 2006


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